Speciation • Kent Krugh
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Speciation • Kent Krugh

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Hardcover, 10.25”x10.25”
98 pages / 69 images
Edition of 500
Essays by A.D. Coleman
and Barbara Tannenbaum

In Kent Krugh’s Speciation, the photographer used a Linear Accelerator, a high-energy x-ray device, to photograph a diverse collection of cameras ranging from those made in the early 1900s, to mid-century modern design, to outdated models and mediums to contemporary digital cameras. He focused on over 160 cameras placed on a flat panel digital imager, each one photographed in three angles that expose the internal design of the camera and create a compressed view of the its components. His typology of these photographic tools show each camera’s respective design, whether simple or complex – the hinges, arms, gears, screws, flaps, springs, cogs, wheels, bellows. For the final photographs, Krugh created a negative by inverting the x-rays. Krugh shows the objects from many angles and compresses the cameras many layers into two-dimensional images that illustrates the complexity of each object.

The title of the project and book, Speciation, comes from Krugh’s idea the metaphor that, “Evolution has its limits, and so does the camera.” While the project was chronologically ordered, one can see the lineage and how one could not exist without some or all its predecessors. The artist has distilled the project down to sixty black, white and grays photographs that beautifully and analytically captures the compressed depth and function of the cameras.

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