Blue • Heather Evans Smith (SIGNED)
Blue • Heather Evans Smith (SIGNED)
Blue • Heather Evans Smith (SIGNED)
Grenade in a Jar

Blue • Heather Evans Smith (SIGNED)

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September 2022, , 80 pages / 31 color images, Hardcover, 8x10 inches, Self-Published, Printed and bound at Conveyor Studios.
First Edition of 300

Some say Smith's dad's death was the spark that ignited her depression, but this feeling has been brewing for a while. She started to notice a sadness creep in a few years into her 40s. She searched “depression in women” and stumbled across articles stating women are the most depressed at age 44. She was at that very moment 44.

Loss during this time in a woman’s life can weigh heavily. Children are getting older and need the comfort of a parent less; the health of one’s own parent(s) is starting to fail, and hormonal shifts begin.

Using the color blue, which for hundreds of years has been associated with melancholy and sadness-these images evoke this period in Smith's life and how it affects those around her. A mid-point, as she is stripping down, taking stock, and finding a new place amongst the loss.

Blue is the third monograph and second self-published book of Heather Evans Smith.

This publication is made possible in part by the 2022 CENTER Me&Eve Grant.

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