2019 Arles Shortlist
2021 Arles Shortlist
Shoot What you Love • Henry Horenstein
Cookbooks - Photographic and Visual
NUMEN • Ville Kansanen (Signed)
Polaroids • Dana Lixenberg
Death is Not Here • Wouter van de Voorde
Trails and Paths • Melanie McWhorter (Zine and Limited Edition)
The Precipice • Tony Chirinos (Limited edition of 20)
The Local • Nick Meyer (Signed plate)
Grenade in a Jar screen printed cloth tote bag
Nature - Botany, Geology, & More
As It Was Give(n) To Me • Stacy Kranitz
Who By Fire • Justin Kimball (signed)
Blue • Heather Evans Smith (SIGNED)
Silas Finch Books
Cocks Limited Edition Zine • Tony Chirinos SIGNED